Local charities: Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

This is a local, independent charity whose members safeguard 1800 acres of green space across Torbay. They take care of Berry Head Nature Reserve, Cockington Country Park, Occombe Farm and various woodland, cliffs and coastal walks. They are well known for the host of events they arrange to help raise funds for their projects.

Young people are very much welcomed and involved in the Trust’s activities. A lovely old barn in the grounds of Cockington Park has been converted to allow for residential visits and group holidays. Educational and fun sessions are tailored to curriculum needs for Primary and Secondary School children.

Chris Lingard is the Countryside Manager. Recently he spoke of inspiring ideas for Brunel Wood but this project will have to be put on hold as Chris and his team face a massive challenge. There has been shock devastation on a hill in the wood. A magnificent tree stood half way up the hill. It seemed to be composed of four or five massive trunks, One of the trunks has split and crashed down. Above on the walkway another tree has fallen and another huge branch has cracked and is being held up by a lower tree. A sad sight.

Two weeks ago I was walking along Bishops Walk and suddenly heard a wrenching and tearing sound followed by a great crash as a tree fell somewhere behind me. Chris Lingard has been reassuring. He said, ‘You’ve more chance of winning the lottery than of being hit by a falling tree.’So that’s good news.

I would like to say to those who complain about what is not happening in Torbay just check out some more good news on the Coast and Countryside website – www.countryside-trust.org.uk

They are at the forefront of initiating innnovative ideas and they make them happen. It must be so frustrating for the team at present to be faced with these sad and unexpected challenges.

You can join us on our social media pages, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and keep up to date with whats going on in South Devon.

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