Local Devon horse charity desperately seeks a new home during Covid-19 lockdown


Devon Equine Crisis Support is running out of time to find a new home for the eight permanent residents in their care and the four horses and ponies that are being rehabilitated and trained with the hopes of them eventually being rehomed. The registered charity is currently based in Teignmouth and their existing tenancy runs out at the end of July.

The expanding charity is looking for at least 10 acres of land and four stables to rent, sole use, within 30 minutes of Teignmouth. A potential yard did become available and Melissa Middleton, the founder of Devon Equine Crisis Support, thought their search had ended but with the lockdown put in place due to Covid-19 she was unable to view the location and the property fell through.

Melissa and her team have always been there for equines and their owners who are in genuine need, without judgement and showing only kindness. Melissa was there for the stallion who needed comforting after galloping five miles through rush hour traffic, she campaigned tirelessly for two years to get two neglected mares into the safety of D.E.C.S. care, she rescued and rehabilitated a ‘dangerous’ mare who was about to be shot and is now enjoying life in her forever home…Melissa has helped so many horses and ponies, either by taking them under her wing and offering them a forever spot at her sanctuary or by giving them the love and care they need until they are physically and emotionally fit enough to trust a new family. Now Melissa faces her own crisis as she struggles to find a new base for her precious herd.

Melissa Middleton founder of Devon Equine Crisis Support said: “Trying not to worry too much, still haven’t found a new yard for our beautiful rescues, they are my life, my heart and soul. I feel like I’m in limbo land, I need a miracle, keeping faith that I will find somewhere perfect for us.”

If you can help Devon Equine Crisis Support find a new home, please contact Melissa Middleton at d.e.c.s.ponies@gmail.com or call her on 07920105319. For further information regarding the charity, to make a donation or to find out more about volunteering once the lockdown is over, please visit www.devonequinecrisissupport.com or join the Devon Equine Crisis Support public Facebook group.

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