Petition set up after car parking charge hike in Torbay

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A petition has been set up following a rise in parking charges in Torbay.

From today, 21st March, 30 minutes parking will cost £1, an hour will set you back £1.50 and if you want a bit longer, 3 hours will cost you £4. Parking for 24 hours will now cost you double at £10. (The cost does vary slightly between long stay/ short stay and on street parking. Full break down of costs here.)

Simon Lee who created the petition states:
“Torbay Council are putting their parking charges right up, this will not only damage businesses in our towns, it will stop locals and visitors alike from coming. Parking charges are one of the top 10 things people search for when travelling. When they see the prices, it will all be about paying £10 to park to go to the beach for the day.

“Businesses are already suffering, parking can not be the cash cow that Torbay Council wants it to be. Already we are seeing more and more meters on our streets, more and more restrictions. The Council has a responsibility to make Torbay flourish and support local businesses.

“Not only this, but 24 hour charges are a way to really put anybody off #, even going to a restaurant in the evening costs more and more. These local businesses, employ people and keep the burden of benefits on the tax payer down.

“This decision needs to be reversed and parking charges taken out in places, especially on street. Instead limited waiting bays, with fair and consistent enforcement to turn over these bays are needed, giving free parking to those who want to spend their money locally.

“Together we can make our voices heard and make a difference,”

The petition currently has 69 signatures. You can find the petition here.



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