Police appeal for information to help locate missing teenagers

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2015)

Update: The boys have been found and returned home by the police.

Police in Kingsbridge have appealed for information on the whereabouts of two teenagers missing since Wednesday.

Jack Parfitt and James Jordan are both 14 and pupils at Kingsbridge Community college. They have been missing since Wednesday.

They were seen on Thurday and again this morning (Friday) they have also been seen this morning.

Latest updates from Kingsbridge Police state the teenagers have been seen this evening. Posting on Facebook at approx 9.30pm, Police said: “The boys have been seen in the last hour leaving the Trebblepark area so are still in town.”

Posting on social media, Kingsbridge Police said:
“Two pupils of Kingsbridge Community College have been missing since Wednesday. They were both seen walking on the school grounds yesterday afternoon however ran off upon being seen. Thery were also seen walking along Lowe Union Road this morning at approximately 0800 hours.The two males are believed to still be in the local area. They are 14 year old Jack Parfitt and 14 year old James Jordan. Obviously parents are getting very concerned for there where abouts and safety. If anybody has any information then could you please contact Devon and Cornwall police on 101″

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