Police warn about the use of skimming devices

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2015)

Update: The three males arrested in Dartmouth on Friday 27th February have appeared at Plymouth Magistrates Court on where they have been remanded until trial.

Dartmouth Police have used social media to warn the public about skimming devices in the area.

Posting to their Facebook page, Dartmouth Police stated:

Over the last two days cash machines in Dartmouth have been targetted by an organised criminal gang using skimming devices. These devices do not allow the machine to return your cash card.

When you leave the machine, the offenders release the card and then use it themselves. The PIN Numbers were recorded on a Ipod Nano attached on a false plate looking down on to the keypad.

Dartmouth police are aware this and are actively seeking the offenders. Please be vigliant when using any cash machine.

Check that nothing look untowards with the cash machine. If you suspect anything wrong with it report it the bank.

If you lose a card into a machine, again report it to the bank straightaway and if funds have been taken out of your account report it to the police on 101.


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