Public warned to stay clear of deep hole which has appeared at Daddyhole plain

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2016)

The public have been warned to stay away from a hole that has opened up on Daddyhole Plain.


The hole was noticed yesterday by locals. After being reported, it was cordoned off.

Following a visit from an engineer, it is believed the hole is due to coastal erosion.

As the hole appeared near a bench, the bench will be relocated.

A spokesperson for Torbays Natural Environment Services said:
“The hole opening up at Daddyhole Plain yesterday has been cornered off for safety. We have spoken to an engineer who believes that it is due to coastal erosion. For the time being we suggest staying clear of the hole to prevent any injury. We are going to relocate the bench. If you notice any other unstable ground near the hole please let us know,”


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