Steptember – The Plymouth Workplace Walking Challenge for 2020

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2020)

Many of Plymouth’s businesses and organisations will be taking part in an innovative month-long workplace walking challenge throughout September.

The ‘Steptember’ challenge is all about how little changes make a big difference to individuals, businesses and the world around us.

This walking challenge is for Plymouth Workplaces only and will be a great opportunity to use friendly rivalry to create healthy lifestyle habits. It supports team cohesion, team building, health improvements and general happiness for those taking part. This challenge is for everybody, whether back in the office or still working from home.

Steptember aims to help:

People at work think about their health and the power of walking that it has on mental and physical health.

People at work to engage more with their community and environment by walking more, finding new places and feeling more connected to where we live.

Businesses to support a walk-friendly culture and show commitment and leadership towards a more sustainable future and a healthier happier workplace.

There is an extra incentive to help with team and individual motivation. This year there are triple the number of prizes on offer!

Steptember is being delivered by Active Devon and Livewell Southwest, working in partnership with Plymotion and Plymouth City Council.

“There seems to be even more enthusiasm for Steptember this year,” said Active Devon’s Lisa Alford.

“After the year we’ve had so far, it gives individuals and businesses a great opportunity to connect through activity rather than zoom meetings! It will help us to break up our day from sitting for hours on end. It gives you that motivation to get up and have a 10-minute walk.”

“It’s great to have the ability to compete in a challenge with your work colleagues and against other businesses yet still be working at home. It helps to create the team ethos even when not working side by side.”

Key dates and sign-up details for individuals and teams:

From the 1st September individuals and teams can sign up and create or join a workplace team on the challenge website. It will then be easy to invite colleagues to join a team and create their own individual profile. 

The challenge will start on the 7th September and will run for 4 weeks (finishing on the 4th October). From the 7th September the leader board will go live and all those taking part will be able to log steps either manually or using apps/watch.

Join the Steptember facebook group: 

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