The changing face of the high street: Locals react to H&M closure

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2020)

H&M in Torquay town centre has been pictured closed and boarded up this morning, Monday 13th January.

In October of last year, a ‘To Let’ board appareared, sparking rumours of closure.

The 10,000 sq ft store now stands empty but will Torquay be able to tempt in another retail store? Another clothing giant, New Look closed their Torquay Store in April of last year. As yet, no one has taken on the store, which currently remains empty.

Within hours of the H&M store closure news being posted on Facebook Page ‘Spotted Torquay’ there were over 700 comments. Here are just a handful of them…

J Leslie: “All the council care about is putting new parking meters in and adding charges to the toilets!”

C Browne: “Very soon..there will be no shops worth going to Torquay for!! …it is about time Torbay Council looked at the bigger picture…The town is dying!!!”

K Hodgson: “Rates need to change and fast Torbay is failing a little bit more everyday.”

L Shaw “Maybe something like outfit at the willows would be good in there big enough for multiple small concessions.”

S Davies: “Literally no point going into Torquay now…nothing there!!”

S Coles: “Torquay is getting like a ghost town soon there will only be primark and cafes and charity shops.”

R Wright: “What would be interesting is to make these buildings delivery/collection hubs for online shopping but with a small shop front element that preserves their presence on the high street and doesnt make the town look abandoned.”

J Doherty: “I believe it’s time the council had a conversation around why retailers are leaving Torquay/Torbay, we need a route and cause analysis, I have called for better working together for years, and it’s been like herding cats, the Council is responsible for leadership, planning, Parking, parking out of town, events, town diary, toilets, and so much more that impacts the town centre, we need a plan going forward…….”

The nearest H&M store is now Exeter: 16-20 Hight Street. EX4 3LF.

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