Torbay Time Bank - Official Launch

timebankSo the official launch of Torbay Time Bank has been announced for the 23rd January – that’s just the week after next.

This is a very exciting scheme coming into our community thanks to the Torbay Community Development Trust.

For those who have not yet heard of Timebanking, it is a flexible tool to assist in the creation of opportunities for community and personal development, community cohesion, equality and diversity, participation, networking and co-production.

Everyone’s time and skill is different, but equal, and each person has something they can offer. The idea is this – individuals, groups and organisations can get involved by exchanging their time, skills and know-how to help each other. The more people who join the more time, skills and knowledge we have to share.

So how does it work? Well, timebanking uses time as currency…. so  for every hour of help someone gives out – they get an hour back in return. This time can then be used for anything they want or need from another member of the ‘bank’. Maybe you could do with some decorating doing? You can ‘buy’ that from the bank in return for something you can do!

Timebanking really does work! People exchange what they want to, when they want to. And time can be saved up until you need it most; transferred to family, friends or other users or passed on to community groups.

As people only exchange what they want to exchange when they want to. Time earned can be spent straight away or saved up until you want to use them. Time can also be passed on to family members, friends and community groups or transferred to another member so you can also help those who need it most.

Want to find out more and get involved? Come along to the launch day on Friday 23rd January….. and find out how you could be spending your time…

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