Torbay’s town centre regeneration plans on track

Torquay Town
(Last Updated On: July 26, 2016)

Proposals for improving experience and increasing footfall in Torbay’s town centres is on track, as Torbay Council and TDA work towards bringing the priority sites to market as part of the Masterplan programme.

Richard Haddock, Executive Lead for Business, said: “We recognise absolutely that Torbay’s economy needs our town centres to work better. We identified the priority sites in May and are working hard on how we can best deliver the desired outcomes for our communities. The Council is now working to understand the interest that the private sector has in the sites. We will use that information to shape development and marketing decisions.

“There is strong support from our partners in the community and from business and we are committing our resources to bring these sites to market and are looking forward to the positive outcomes these will provide. Attracting appropriate developers and investors is one of our core objectives.”

The major regeneration projects include, Crossways, the Victoria Centre, Station Square area and the Harbour, in Paignton, and the Town Hall Car Park, part of the Terrace Car Park and the Temperance Street car park in Torquay. The final uses of the sites will be determined through the selection of delivery partners and the planning process but are expected to result in investment in the area in excess of £170M over the next 3-10 years.

The projects will support town centre regeneration and high street recovery by improving resident and visitor experience and ensuring the Bay’s town centres are fit for the 21st Century.

Two Business Engagement events took place in June briefing representatives of community partnerships, neighbourhood plan groups and the business community. It showcased the investment that is being planned for the priority sites, how the development can be practically delivered and illustrated what it could look like. There was overwhelming support for the projects from those that attended those events, with encouragement for the Council to be bold and entrepreneurial.

The next step in the masterplanning process is to formally test the priority sites which will take place over the summer to inform a decision on how the sites will be developed. In September, a decision will be made as to how to bring the sites to market.

Vince Flower, Chairman of TDA, said: “These plans are responding to the aspirations of the Council and community and will support and drive continued inward investment into the Bay. Investment in, and sensitive regeneration, of our town centres and harbour areas is crucial so that they can be vibrant, economically successful places which our residents can be proud of and visitors find irresistible. The options for site development will now be tested to ascertain viability and the attractiveness of development option to investors.”

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