Police warning after another telephone scam reported

Phone down

Police in Kingbridge have warned of another telephone scam that has been reported to them.

The incident happened on Monday 1st February.

A phone call came from a man introducing himself as ‘James from BT’ he claimed the victims direct debit had failed to go through. Unfortunately for ‘James’, the victim stated he wasn’t with BT. Seemingly trying his luck, ‘James’ then said there had been an overpayment and asked for the victims bank account details, which was refused.

Kingsbridge police have reminded people to never give out their bank details over the phone.

Kingsbridge Police posted on social media:

“We have been made aware of another telephone scam which may be useful knowing.
The victim was contacted 01/02/16 by a man who asked for him by name and introduced himself as James from BT.

“He then went on to say the victim’s direct debit had failed to go through this month and could he take his account number. Victim replied no he could not as he did not have an account with BT – he is with Talk Talk. The man blustered a bit and then said ‘Oh, of course you are’ and went on to ask victim if he pays his bill yearly.

“The man then stated that there had been an over payment this year of around £2.00 and asked for bank account details in order to process a refund. Victim wisely refused.

“The man ended the call saying he would write to victim with further instructions and that if he had not heard in a week or two to call James back at BT. The victim tells us the man was very plausible in spite of what he was saying – there is no link between BT and Talk Talk as they are in direct competition, and is very concerned other people may get drawn in to giving the man their bank account details.

“The bottom line is – never, ever give your bank details to anyone over the phone. Nobody will ever need your PIN number other than you.”


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