Will the Avro Vulcan Bomber be at Dawlish Airshow

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2015)
Now, those who have been to Dawlish Airshow in previous years will know what a good day out it is.

With more than just the Airshow itself, there are static aircraft at Dawlish Warren and plenry of stalls on the green in the centre of Dawlish.

As many people know, Dawlish Airshow is funded by donations and without them it just would not happen. This is the main reason that volunteers are around during the day collecting money to help towards the following years display.
Now this year is already lining up to be a crackin show and the line up can be seen here.


There is however one aircraft the really needs to be there and that is XH558, the Avro Vulcan Bomber.
2015 sees the final flying year of the iconic bomber and it is booked for a lot of airshows and displays across the country before it makes its final landing.

Unfortunately, the three companies on whom the team that look after XH558 depend on, known as the ‘technical authorities’ – have decided to end their support at the end of the 2015 flying season. Without the support and under Civil Aviation Authority regulations, Vulcan is prohibited from flying.

This is where you can help!

The Vulcan has a gap in their schedule and the Dawlish Airshow team have provisionally booked this amazing aircraft and it will be there to wow the crowds as long as the additional funding can be raised. This needs to be done within the next week as the actual show is on Saturday 22nd August.

If you are heading over to Dawlish to watch the breath taking displays, which this year include the Typhoon, Red Arrows and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and would like to help towards the funding that this show needs then please use the following link to donate via paypal.
(There are also other ways that you can pay on their website too)


Fingers crossed that if enough finding can be raised in the next 7 days, the the skies above Dawlish with be filled with the thunderous noise and the iconic shape that is XH558 Avro Vulcan.

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