Work starts on Torbay Road pedestrianisation scheme

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2022)

Torbay Road is closed as work begins on a temporary pedestrianisation scheme.

The temporary scheme will see the introduction of new and amended traffic signs, some road markings and the introduction of planters, bollards, and barriers to mark out the larger spaces given to pedestrians.

The permanent scheme, which is expected to start in late 2022, will involve more significant engineering works which will widen the footways along either side of the street to supply more usable, level spaces on either side of the cycle/delivery access route.

The permanent scheme will also include new tree planting and landscaping areas rather than planters.

A spokesperson for Torbay Council posted on social media today: “From today, works on the Torbay Road temporary pedestrianisation scheme are due to start. It is proposed that the road will be closed to most vehicles during the works, with works scheduled to be completed by 30 September. On completion, Torbay Road will become a traffic free zone, meaning more space for pedestrians, businesses, and cyclists.

“If you usually use a vehicle to access the area, make sure you’re aware of the new routes to get to places such as Victoria car park and sports club grounds.

“Find lots of helpful information on our Torbay Road pedestrianisation webpages:

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  1. This will turn into a play area for bored kids amd teenagers at night

  2. So the same mistake as Torquay town centre repeats itself, pedestrians only except buses, with near misses becoming a common thing , and local shops suffering ,with shoppers opting for out of town outlets instead…

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