The Samurai are Coming to Torquay Museum for a Exhibition Launch

Samurai Warrior

Marshall arts experts will descend upon Torquay Museum for the weekend launch of its blockbuster summer exhibition Samurai: Warriors of Japan  on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June.

Samurai: Warriors of Japan is a spectacular exhibition at Torquay Museum that brings graphically to life the story of the Samurai and their eventual fall from power, featuring real samurai weapons, artefacts, armour and costumes, and film props from the blockbuster movie The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise. The exhibition runs from 25th June until 4th September.


The fabled Samurai warriors became the true rulers of Japan, and have inspired numerous books, films and comics since they burst onto the world stage, including some of the biggest blockbuster films such as Star Wars. Visitors to the exhibition will discover the origin of the samurai and their extraordinary warrior code of Bushido and lean how life was organised in feudal Japan. Samurai: Warriors of Japan will also reveal the truth behind the mysterious Ninja, exploring the weapons and training of these deadly Samurai assassins.

Visitors will learn the story of the real last Samurai, the final, futile struggle to preserve an ancient way of life, and how the Samurai continue to influence the modern world. The Exhibition illustrates a range of armour, weapons and costumes using film props made by Weta Workshop (which created special effects and costumes for The Lord of the Rings films), which have come direct from California. There is also a range of real samurai weapons, armour, costumes and artefacts, and the exhibition will include many rarely seen Samurai items from Torquay Museum’s Japanese collection. The exhibition also includes a range of interactive artefacts.

There will be regular family-friendly Samurai themed weekends throughout the summer at the Museum – check out the website for further details


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