No Christmas lights for Torquay this year

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2016)

Update: Could Torquay’s  Christmas be saved?

It has been confirmed that there will be no Christmas lights in Torquay this year.

A fundraising attempt by Torquay Chamber of Commerce failed to reach the target of £25000 – raising just £380 in a month. The money raised so far will go towards next years lights, again, with a target of £25000, although with only hundreds raised so far, £25000 may be a challenge. With only 13 people donating to the cause, it lacked support.

A spokesperson for Torquay Chamber of Commerce has said:
“It is with great regret that the Torquay Chamber of Commerce must announce the cancellation of the Christmas lights in Union Street for this year.

“Having been asked by the Mayor to effectively “rescue” the lights from a backdrop of major losses last year, and despite the best efforts of those concerned it has not been possible to overcome some very serious obstacles in time for this year.

“We will continue with our efforts and intend to bring back the lights next year,”

For the full statement see:

Just as the town was forgetting about 2014’s disappointing  ‘Christmas Sparkle’
[ ] 2016 may be the year that Torquay town centre forgot Christmas.

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