Aliens to Invade Torquay Museum in Sci-Fi Exhibition Launch

Alien at the Museum

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A host of aliens and spacemen are about to descend upon Torquay Museum for its blockbuster summer Sci-Fi exhibition, Visions of the Future, which runs from 27th June until 5th September. It will showcase stunning costumes and props from some of the best science fiction movies and TV series ever made, including Star Wars, Dr Who, Alien, Fifth Element, Star Trek, Predator and many more.

Action-Packed Sci-Fi Exhibition Launch – Saturday, 27th June
There will be an action-packed exhibition launch at Torquay Museum from 10am on Saturday 27th June, where visitors can not only come within touching distance of their favourite Sci-Fi heroes and aliens, but will also be able to meet Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, a host of other Star Wars characters, a Dalek,  an Alien, a Predator, Robocop, and more in the flesh as they stalk the Museum’s corridors. There will even be an exact replica of the time-travelling DeLorean car used in the cult movie, Back to the Future. Visitors are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite Sci-Fi character.

The Visions of the Future exhibition will feature a very rare original lightsabre from the Star Wars film Attack of the Clones, together with a stunning full-sized exact replica of Darth Vader’s costume and the iconic R2D2. Two of Doctor Who’s arch enemies will also be making an appearance – a Dalek, and a Cyberman, together with a Sontaran.

“We’re really excited to be hosting this amazing exhibition,” said Torquay Museum’s Carl Smith. “The Museum staff are all Sci-Fi fans so we are delighted that we have managed to bring together some very rare and special props and costumes from some of the best-known science-fiction movies.”

“As well as our impressive collection of Star Wars and Dr Who costumes and props, we also have some other amazing and rarely-seen pieces,” continued Carl. “The seven foot tall Mondoshawan alien costume from the film Fifth Element is stunning, and it was reputedly so heavy and hot that the actors who operated it could only stay inside it for 15 minutes at a time.”

Also on show will be the very rare Kane’s spacesuit from the original Alien movie, together with a huge sleep pod, with lighting effects, from the Alien movie Prometheus.

Visitors can also come face-to-face with a huge Predator from the movie of the same name, weapons and props from the Star Trek movies, Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Back to the Future, a battle-scarred robot from the film I, Robot starring Will Smith, and a T-X costume from Terminator 3. The prototype of the Beagle 2 Mars spacecraft that touched down on the Red Planet in 2003 will be on display, together with meteorites.

“This exhibition will appeal to sci-fi fans, film buffs, big kids and little kids alike,” said Carl Smith. “Torquay Museum showcased a hugely popular sci-fi exhibition a few years ago – so now it’s back, bigger and better, by popular demand. What’s more, the Museum will have an in-house Stormtrooper wandering its corridors throughout the exhibition, so you will get to meet him in the flesh whenever you visit.”


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