Restrictions in place for boat users during Torbay Airshow

torbay airshow

Torbay Council is warning all maritime users that during the weekend of the Torbay Airshow there will be a restriction zone. The restrictions will be in place periodically throughout the airshow weekend ensuring watercraft are kept out of the designated flight paths and are at a safe distance.

Vessels will be unable to anchor or enter into the restrictive zones from 2pm until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, during the display times for the performing aircraft. Watercrafts within this area will be required to leave half an hour before the displays begin. There are two flight lines, a 230m line for fast jets and a 150m line for all other aircraft, which are parallel to Paignton beach.

Due to new safety restrictions aircraft are no longer able to fly at low altitude over land and therefore all approaching aircraft will be required to fly through the designated restricted zone. This lies across the entire length of the Bay, west of the 003° 32’W line of longitude. A line will be marked with large yellow buoys approximately 500 metres apart.

Torbay Harbour Authority will be operating the exclusion zone with the assistance of HM Coastguard and volunteer marshals. These marshals will have the same designated powers as a harbour official.

If a watercraft enters the exclusion zone the flying displays will be delayed.

A Torbay Council spokesperson said: “It is extremely important that the Airshow is kept a safe environment for all to enjoy. The exclusion zones are in place to ensure that safe flying and sailing is able to go ahead without any risks.

“We urge all boat users to plan their weekend with the restrictions in mind to try and reduce disappointment.”

Smaller crafts such as kayaks and paddleboards will be allowed shoreside of the 5 knot buoys between Paignton Harbour and Livermead Head during the displays. Vessels will be permitted to remain at anchor within the 5 knot markers south of Roundham Head & North of Livermead Head; however these will not be good viewing areas.

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