Torbay Boxers' Impressive Bridgwater Win - TABC


Torbay Boxers Owen Underhill and Kai Draper both boxed in Bridgwater on Friday. Following on from the success of their home show, it was another great fantastic evening for Torbay ABC as both boxers won their bouts.

12239662_761951697249791_2665893484139363141_nThe first Boxer to take centre stage was Owen, after starting the first round very well, he came out in the second round to prove he is a fearful boxer in the ring. In the third round, the flurry of quality tactics used gave Owen the well deserved win.

Kai Draper took to the ring shortly after Owen, keeping his opponent under pressure from the get go giving him a standing eight count in the first round. Kai fought hard and well for the last two round before winning by a unanimous decision.

Torbay ABC coach Darrell Asplen said “It takes great courage to step into the ring, so these boxers deserve great credit”

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