Exeter Cathedral Summer Events

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2016)

Throughout the Summer, Exeter Cathedral is hosting a number of events which can keep everyone, both young and old, entertained. From roof tours to clay gargoyle moulding, the versatility of activities mean fun for the whole family.

Until the 27th September the Cathedral is hosting roof tours on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings where you can admire the Norman Towers the Cathedral boasts of, which were retained when the Cathedral was rebuilt between 1270 and 1350.

There is also a treasure hunt throughout the Summer Holidays and on Tuesday the 16th the is a Time Traveller Club focussing on ‘Gloomy Domesday’ where you can make a Motte and Bailey Castle and your own Domesday Book. A week later on the 23rd of August there is another Time Traveller Club focussing on the ‘Woeful Wars of the Roses’ where participants make a crown, choose their allegiance to either the House of York or Lancaster, create their banners and then take part in a mock battle to round off the day, all while learning about what happened during those exciting and dangerous times- just as they would a week before.

There are family tours of the Cathedral taking place on the 22nd of August and there are so many family-based activities to make the most of . Such as on the 20th of August, where you can go and visit the Exeter Book which has survived an insanely long time, exceeding 1000 years. It contains Anglo- Saxon poems and is made of a parchment sourced in a disgusting manner (ask your guide!) and then in the Chapter house children may take part in period- appropriate activities such as making a shield or brooch to take home and writing your own riddles using quill and parchment.

Children aged 6-12 also have the opportunity to explore the secret passageways of the Cathedral, find out some of the creepier secrets of the historic building (including a 700 year old murder) and create a shrinking glass window to take home- this takes place on the 18th of August. Both adults and children can take part in a drop in Gargoyle moulding activities on the 24th of August and while moulding the ugly creature out of clay, you can learn all about what they are for!

Children can be dropped off for a whole session in most cases, but be sure to check the website as their are some exceptions such as the roof tours. Also visit the website to find out (the very reasonable) costs for the activities and other details such as age and safety restrictions.