Author: Charlotte Head

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Clown Sightings in your Area

A craze which has swept over from across the pond, 'killer clowns' seem to be around every corner. In fact, even in the picturesque South Devon, they have been stalking around. However, it is worth em…

Torquay stock

How healthy is Torbay?

Torbay, around the Victorian era, was a haven for 'invalids' who needed some fresh sea air to flush out their systems- but just how healthy is the English Riviera? According to a recent survey, it …

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Exeter Cathedral Summer Events

Throughout the Summer, Exeter Cathedral is hosting a number of events which can keep everyone, both young and old, entertained. From roof tours to clay gargoyle moulding, the versatility of activities…

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MTV Crashes Plymouth July 2016

All eager concertgoers, such as myself, would have been eagerly awaiting this. MTV Crashes Plymouth has returned! Though there seems to be fewer acts performing this year compared to last year, we don…