The Great Big Rhino Trail 30th July - 9th October 2016

2016 03 TGBRP Jess and Dino Rhino 5
(Last Updated On: July 22, 2016)

Commencing July 30th, we’ll have an invasion on our streets. This occupation of our towns is being committed by 40 life-size rhino sculptures- not too dissimilar to the Gorilla Project of the same concept in 2013.

They were brought in by convoy on the 9th of July from Exeter and will soon be dotted around open spaces, streets and public areas in the English Riviera.

The Great Big Rhino Trail commences on the 30th of July and concludes on the 9th of October, giving us all ten weeks to enjoy the spectacle of these majestic pieces of art, complete the trail and find all the rhinos. Following this, the rhinos will be at Paignton Zoo from Friday the 14th of October to Sunday the 16th of October and will be auctioned off in November of this year.

This is all for a great cause as all proceeds will go to towards rhino conservation charities, due to the endangered nature of the creature- perhaps seeing them in our corner of the world will remind us they are dwindling (largely due to our species) in other areas of the Earth.

This project will enhance our Summer and Autumn months immensely, as not only does it display the huge quantity of local artists and creators channeling their talent into the beautiful pieces and raise awareness of the needs for animal conservation, but they are a colourful addition to any day out and a fantastic photo opportunity which leads to an increased amount of footfall, benefitting local business.

So, this Summer and Autumn, see how many you can find and perhaps show off and send in some photos!

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